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KIPP Ball Lock Pins

The uses for Quick Release Ball Lock Pins are endless, commonly used in automation technology, robotics, electronics, processing mechanics, machine and plant construction, these clever little pins find use in all these fields, designed to fasten and join elements, workpieces and other machine components by simply pressing a button.

Basically comprising of a pin, press button with spring mechanism and balls, a ball lock pin can fasten and join elements, workpieces and other machine components by simply pressing a button, to activate the practical ball locking & releasing mechanism.  

The ball lock pin has a practical ball locking mechanism. When the button is pressed it activates the spring mechanism inside the pin which releases the ball lock (the balls are drawn inside).

When the button is released the ball lock is activated again (the balls move out) guaranteeing a stable and self-securing locking function. Connections using ball lock pins are quick and uncomplicated to join and take apart again.  

There are many applications where these pins can be used. The efficient self-locking allows setup times to be relatively easily minimised.

KIPP ball lock pins are available in many versions to suit the chosen application. A wide array of grips available, T grip, L grip, mushroom head, mushroom grip, lock pins without head, the new version lock pins with twist knobs complement the product group…the push button is either zinc or plastic.  Sizes ranging from 5mm pin with grip length of 10mm to 16mm pin with grip length of 80mm as well as a range in imperial sizes from 3/16″ pin with grip length 1/2″, to 3/8″ pin with grip length of 2″

For special applications there are stainless steel ball lock pins available. Ball lock pins made completely from stainless steel are especially useful for areas with high hygienic requirements such as foodstuff industries or areas with aggressive substances.

Quality accessories available in the way of Retaining Cables, Lanyards, Safety Spiral Cables to secure the Ball Lock Pin so they won’t be lost or misplaced and to keep on hand

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