Deb Stoko Skin Care Products by NEIS

Now, you might be asking yourself ‘what’s all the fuss about skincare in workplace’? After all, it’s a fair question!

Why indeed?

There are a number of important reasons to implement an effective skin care regime, complimented by a range of skin products.

Skin is the most exposed organ of the human body, which means it can be difficult to contain their outbreak. Poor skin care practices can lead to the outbreak of, or exacerbate pre-existing, communicable skin conditions. Therefore, regardless of your professional industry, it is critical to implement easy and effective skin care and hygiene products and practices.

For example, in the absence of effective skincare practices and products, the wear and tear of physically demanding jobs may exacerbate pre-existing skin issues in the workplace. Cross-contamination of skin conditions, through physical contact between colleagues, becomes a serious risk, and may lead to the spread of communicable skin conditions in the workplace. This is especially true of sectors in which employees, clients, patients or children are in close proximity, such kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

Irritable contagious skin conditions can impact employees’ health, morale and overall performance. This may also lead to increased absenteeism due to ill health associated with communicable skin diseases. Decreased productivity and absenteeism will inevitable negatively impact a business’ bottom line.

So what steps can you take to alleviate the risk of outbreak or transmission of communicable skin conditions, keeping staff, clients, patients and children and safe avoiding the financial burden on the business?

Deb/Stoko is a world leader in skin care products and has been developing some programs across various workplace and public environments for over 80 years.

Deb/Stoko offers a four-step skincare regime for the workplace: PROTECT, CLEANSE, SANITISE and RESTORE. Today, over 150 million people in more than 100 countries use Deb/Stoko products for protection, cleansing, sanitising and restoration of skin each and every day in the workplace.

Deb/Stoko offers carefully designed, reliable skin care systems, supported by quality and cost-effective products. The adoption of Deb skin care systems and hygiene products has successfully addressed and reversed communicable skin condition issues, which in turn has increased employee satisfaction and workforce productivity across various industries. These industries include but are not limited to:

  • Food and Beverage processing and manufacturing
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Education and Child Care Centres
  • Engineering, Logistics and Manufacturing
  • Transport and Public Amenities
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial worksites
  • Automotive industries, and more.

Deb’s Protect range focuses on skin damage prevention:

The Stokoderm® Sun Protect 50+ Sunscreen range offers effective protection against natural and artificial ultraviolet lights, protecting against 98% of UVB radiation. This Sokoderm® Sun Protect Protect50+ Starter Pack comes with an easy-to-fit wall-mountable dispenser and two 1 Litre cartridges. This product is SPF 50+, which means that it provides 50 times the skin’s natural protection against the sun’s UVB rays while simultaneously acting to hydrate the skin. Deb’s Protect range is crucial to protect staff, clients, students and patients from sunburn and the associated cancer risks. The Sokoderm® Sun Protect Protect50+ Sunscreen Starter Pack is a must have for pre-school, kindergarten and school settings.

Deb’s Sanitise range works to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Hands are the primary vehicle for the spread of bacteria, which can lead to foodborne illnesses. It is paramount to implement a sanitisation regime in the workplace to prevent the outbreak of bacteria. For example, the four most common types of food poisoning bacteria (Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Clostridium and Campylobacter), which manifest in food poisoning, are commonly transmitted through poor food handling.

The Deb InstantFoam® Alchohol Hand Sanitiser is a fragrance free and dye free alcohol based foaming hand sanitiiser and is scientifically tested to kill 99.999% of common germs. Proven to be more effective, and preferred by users over traditional gels or liquids, Deb InstantFOAM® is a unique, hypo-allergenic, fragrance & dye free, alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensed into the hands as a foam. The OxyBac Foam® Wash is an antibacterial rich-cream foam hand wash that reduces the potential of allergic reactions and skin irritation. The OxyBac Foam® Wash is dye and colorant free, making it ideal for food production and preparation areas. This Sanitise range will help to protect staff, friends and family from the risks associated with foodborne illness and poisoning. The Sanitise products protect the skin from germs and bacteria, ensuring the highest hygiene standards are met. This product is crucial for staff working in food and beverage, hospital, kindergartens, schools and aged care industries.

The Deb Cleanse Industrial product range is perfect for industrial environments which require heavy duty cleaning to remove heavy soiling. The Solopol, Kresto, Estesol, Super Heavy Citrus Hand Cleanser and DEB Natural Power Wash contain powerful natural, biodegradable and non-abrasive scrubbing agents to give a deep clean without damaging your skin, or the environment. The oils contained helps to condition the skin, reducing skin irritation and leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm.

The Deb/Stoko Cleanse Washroom product range offers effective classic cleansing foam washes.

The Refresh Azure FOAM® gentle lightly perfumed suitable for office, education, pre-school, healthcare and aged care sectors. The Refresh™ Clear FOAM is a perfume-free and dye-free foam hand wash is perfect for sensitive skill and people with sensitivities to fragrances.

Restore creams and moisturisers help to maintain healthy condition, avoid dryness & keep skin soft & nourished.

In industries that expose staff to toxic or harsh equipment, such as automotive industries, construction sites, manufacturing plants, the skin Restoration range should be a central focus for management to ensure employees return to work each day without any discomfort and ready for the day ahead. The Deb Stokolan product range is highly effective to help repair the general wear and tear related to the workplace, ensuring skin remains well-nourished and healthy, while restoring the moisture or essential oils lost due to handling harsh equipment or daily menial tasks.

Deb/Stoko has been providing the highest quality skin care products to workplaces across the globe for over 80 years. It is fair to say that Deb/Stoko’s high-quality, effective and innovative products have stood the test of time.

Maybe it’s about time that your workplace too starts to experience the benefits that Deb/Stoko Protect, Cleanse, Sanitise and Restore ranges have to offer. Happy days lie ahead.

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