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Our Story:

At, North East Industrial Supplies, quality is not just an act; it is a habit. When we started out as a distributor to the manufacturing sector 40 years ago, we were nothing more than a small industrial supplier but our sheer dedication, strong work ethics and quality customer service made us what we are today – a major associate for top companies in Australia and across the world. We completely value the tool performance, long-life, and quality of Australian manufacturing therefore, we supply the most iconic and trusted hardware components to designers, manufacturers, engineers, tradies, retailers and those who want to fulfill quality production results.

Why we promote Australian-made tools:

The Australian Made jumping kangaroo is a globally recognised symbol of quality production standards. Australian made tools are certified, authentic and come with warranties which means you can have confidence in the quality and know that whatever you are buying hasn’t travelled around the world before it reaches your threshold. Tradespeople, DIY enthusiasts and dealers believe in the beauty of stocking Australian manufactured tools. A second major benefit of stocking Australian-made tools is the ease with which you can order what you need, and have it delivered to you within a reasonable amount of time. At NEIS, we are partners with the most renowned names in the industry including Kipp, Sutton Tools, St Gobain Abrasives, Deb Skincare. With such a large network of major industrial suppliers on our side, we are able to supply the largest range of safety and industrial products to anywhere in Australia. All the operating parts and tools are selected for the Australian marketplace and authentically designed according to Australian specifications.

Our Product Range:

Operating Parts and Clamping Systems:

Kipp is one of our featured suppliers from Germany which delivers us a wide range of operating parts and clamping systems. We offer a large selection of handwheels, grips, knobs, pull handles, magnets, nuts, plungers, knurled fasteners, star grip handles, ball knobs, rubber buffers (anti-vibration mounts), toggle clamps, shaft collars (engineers’collars), ball lock pins and clamping levers amongst others. The Grips and Knobs are used for manually fastening and clamping applications including machine or plant construction, rail fabrication, tool making, on test equipment and making of medical apparatus. The iconic “Kipp” clamping levers are ideal for quick fixation of parts. Buffer elements such as Rubber buffers are ideal for machine and aggregate construction in transport technology. There are a number of other products available in a range of designs, materials and colours.

Cutting Tools:

We supply state of the art cutting tools such as Drills, Taps, End Mills, Reamers, Dienuts, Button Dies and Holesaws delivered to us by the best manufacturers in the industry including Sutton Tools and Goliath. Their tooling solutions designed to perform essential tasks in the most efficient possible method. They are capable of achieving stable and vibration free machining with higher repeatability. The drill bits are designed to plunge directly into material, cutting axially and creating cylindrical holes. End mills are used to remove material in heavy machines like CNC. Different types of button dies are also used for cutting a new external thread on studs. Our solid carbide thread mills and indexable insert cutters make it easy to produce high-quality threads with excellent form and finish. No matter the workpiece material, depth of cut or tolerance requirement, our cutting tools can optimize your operations, boost your profitability and keep you competitive.

Skincare in The Workplace:

At NEIS, we believe in setting higher standards in the fight against occupational skin disorders and infections because ‘Hands Matter in the Workplace’. Therefore, we have partnered with ‘Deb Australia’, a world leader in occupational skin care and hand hygiene. Their range of products are created specifically for the Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Food, Office and Facilities Sectors. We have got a collection of dispensers, hand soaps, skin sanitisers, 50+ Sunscreens, hand care creams, surface cleaners, hair and body shower washes and much more.

Why choose NEIS:

At NEIS, we supply only quality Workshop Industrial Tools & Hardware where you can be confident with the depth of support we offer, through our partners we are able to provide in-depth knowledge and information on their parts and their applications. For the most complex projects we can source the technical support from our representatives who can assist in the development of special solutions. Having been around for 40 years, we understand what our Australian customers want by region. By collaborating with us, you can keep up with relevant innovations in tool design and new products that can make life easier for your production and increase your output.