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In 1917, William Henry Sutton, a renowned British engineer, who migrated to Australia five years earlier, established Sutton Tools and Gauge Manufacturing Co. in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Though Sutton Tool and Gauge Manufacturing Co. has since expanded into company with global reach, the family tradition of William Sutton’s humble business is kept alive today by third and fourth generation Sutton family members who oversee each detail of its operations.

An ardent advocate for Australian manufacturing, Sutton Tool and Gauge Manufacturing Co., renamed Sutton Tools in 1971, is a long-standing supporter of the ‘Australia-made Campaign’, which supports Australian job creation and strengthens the Australian economy. Consistent with this commitment to Australian jobs, it maintains a strong domestic manufacturing focus; with the large majority of its total production occurring between Sutton Tool’s two Victorian facilities.

North East Industrial Supplies, similarly born out of Melbourne’s Northern suburbs as an inter-generationally owned and operated family business, is proud to share a longstanding association with Sutton Tools, spanning over thirty years.

Why does Sutton Tools Stand a Notch Above?

In a saturated market that privileges quantity over quality, characterised by industrial competitors who opt for a business model based upon mass-production and distribution of cheap, inferior products – marketed as A-Grade quality – Sutton Tools has maintained a premium on manufacturing only the highest-quality genuine A-Grade products.

Integrating innovative, industry-leading cutting techniques and technologies, they prides itself as being the benchmark in tool cutting performance. Sutton Tool’s state-of-the-art production processes begin with the importation of raw material from France and Austria, as European-manufactured steel is superior to raw material sourced from Asia.

This approach has stood the test of time and sets Sutton Tools apart, marking it as one of only a select few industrial cutting tool brands globally that can boast to be a world-class cutting tool manufacturer.

Overview of Product Range

Cutting Tools

Carbide BursEnd MillsReamersHolesawsTool Bits
Carbide BursEnd MillsReamersHolesawsTool Bits

Drilling Tools

Jobber DrillsTaper Shank DrillsSpotting DrillsDrill SetsReduced Shank DrillsLong Series Drills
Jobber DrillsTaper Shank DrillsSpotting DrillsDrill SetsReduced Shank DrillsLong Series Drills

Threading Tools

Hand and Machine TapsSpiral TapsGun TapsButton DiesDie Nuts
Hand and Machine TapsSpiral TapsGun TapsButton DiesDie Nuts

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