Deb Stoko Refresh® Azure FOAM Starter Pack


All you need to get started – great value

Includes 3 x 1Litre Cartridges and 1 x Dispenser

Lightly Fragranced Gentle Foam Hand Wash

Where to use: Washroom areas in offices, education, nurseries, public facilities, healthcare and aged care

  • Highly quality silky smooth foam – provides a very pleasant hand washing experience and leaves skin fresh after use
  • Pleasantly fragranced foam – universal fresh fragrance is suitable for both males and females
  • Contains Glycerin – a skin moisturiser to help improve skin hydration and prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm after use
  • Environmentally Certified
  • Perfumed

Deb Stoko Refresh Azure FOAM® Starter Pack AZU1LSTPK

The Stoko Refresh Azure FOAM® Starter Pack is the ideal product to help repair skin from the general wear and tear of jobs related to office, pre-school, education, healthcare and aged care settings. The unique Stoko Refresh Azure FOAM® contains skin conditioners to repair damaged skin and restores moisture and essential oils lost due to menial daily tasks. Crucially this product has received Australian environmental certification, which means that you can clean your hands guilt free, knowing that Azure FOAM® will not damage the environment as many competitor hand cleaning products known to do. The Stoko Refresh Azure FOAM® Starter Pack comes with 3 X 1 litre cartridges and one wall-mountable dispenser. This starter pack represents a cost-effective and easy way to introduce effective hygiene and skin care practices and look after employees’ skin.


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