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KIPP Adjusting Rings K0406

The KIPP K0406 range of set screw adjusting rings is the original shaft collar product.  Also known as shaft collars, locking rings, engineers’ collars, the set screw simply requires tightening for installation. KIPP set screw adjusting rings are the economic choice, when frequent adjustment is will not be considered.

KIPP K0406 set screw adjusting rings are available by request in stainless steel, offering enhanced durability and performance.

Material: Steel.   Version: Bright.


Form A: with grub screw DIN 553 (recess)
Form E: with grub screw DIN 914 (hexagon socket)

Drawing reference:  1) Second grub screw from D1 ≥ 75

Available Options:


KIPP Shaft Collars – K0406Available in steel and stainless steel, with slotted set screw (Form A) or hex socket set screw (Form E) DIN705 steel.

Often referred to as Engineers’ Shaft Collars, Locking Collars and Shafting Collars.

Also available from our range includes one piece collars with set screws K0406, Shaft Collar with wing grip screw K0407, Shaft Collars one-piece split K0611, Shaft Collars two-piece K0612, Shaft Collars Tapped Thread K0986, Shaft Collar with Clamping Lever K0611