06250 Ball Knobs

Ball Knobs
with smooth surface to DIN 319 extended 

Black duroplastic PF 31; bush in galvanized steel

Surface finish:
Deburred and high-polish finish

Assembly Form L: The Ball Knobs are mounted firmly by tapping a hammer lightly. Please only use a rubber or plastic hammer, with a weight up to 200 Grams.
The version 06250-21604 has a bush in copper-plated steel.
The versions 06250-23008, 06250-23508 and 06250-24008 have a bush in brass.

On request:
Some versions are available in dark red at extra charge, please contact sales@nei.com.au for a quote. 

Shaft tolerance:
Ball Knobs with clamping sleeves can be mounted on standard rods with tolerance h9. The clamping sleeve supplied assures a firm and reliable fit.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 27 August, 2010.
06250 Ball Knobs