NEIS stocks a variety of cutting tools. The most popular ones, though, are the ones from Sutton Tools. NEIS provides these high-quality cutting tools which include Button Dies, Drills, End Mills, Tool Bits, a variety of Taps, and many more. The state of the art tools are sure to last and deliver quality to your hardware needs.

Industrial Cutting Tools in Australia

Sutton Tools started their manufacturing business from threads and gauges. Over the course of a few decades, they grew its expertise into a more varied portfolio for cutting tools. There are numerous specialised industrial applications for Sutton Tools. Even though its tools are used in a wide spectrum of industries – such as manufacturing, medical, power generation, automotive and mining – the furthest advancement it has experienced in material technology are happening in the defence, aerospace and oil/gas industries.

NEIS also stocks other cutting tools such as Noga Deburring Tools and Noga handle holders. Browse through our list below, or get in touch with us for queries.


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