About North East Industrial Supplies (NEIS)

North East Industrial Supplies was established more than thirty years ago in the small industrial estate on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne, Australia.  We have moved with the times and now proudly present our quality product range through our online store.

We are the leading Australian distributor of the KIPP range of products offering stocked items delivered to you 2-3 days from order, or 5-7 day turnaround for non-stocked items.

Although we are working toward being able to have the complete KIPP catalogue on our site we're not quite there, however we have access to the entire KIPP range of products so give us a call or email us for product info. price & availabilty on any catalogue item.

Who We Are
NEIS is the Australian distributor of quality machine tools and manufactured parts with strong & long established trading partnerships with companies of integrity such as, Kipp, Sutton Tools, St Gobain Abrasives, Sidchrome, Deb Skincare, Hobson Fasteners and Unbrako.
What We Do

Our business focus evolved from what once was a reliable local supplier of engineering and industrial supplies to being a major associate to many large companies and their projects Australia wide.

Why Choose Us

We have associations with engineering and manufacturing experts in a comprehensive range of areas. Our associates are highly skilled experts in their fields from clamping solutions to purpose built machines and fixtures.

Our Features

Our extensive range of products offers our customers cost effective solutions to achieving maximum potential production levels.

  • Great Partnerships

    Great partnerships

    We are the Australian representative for some of the worlds leading companies - with these strong partnerships we are able to access thousands of quality standard parts for our customers.

  • Wide Choice

    Wide choice

    NEIS is the Australian distributor of quality tools and parts by companies of integrity such as, Kipp Operating Parts & Standard Elements, Sutton Cutting Tools, St Gobain Abrasives, Sidchrome Hand Tools, Deb Skincare, Hobson Fasteners and Unbrako Socket Screw Products. and many more.

  • Maintaining Integrity

    Maintaining integrity

    The past two decades has seen enormous changes in the engineering and industrial products available to manufacturers, and through this change, NEIS has stayed committed to stocking quality product lines and brand names of integrity.

  • Well-Established


    With over thirty years of experience, we have established a profile that has been consistent throughout the years as NEIS expanded from a small company on Melbourne's outskirts into an establishment catering to Australian and worldwide markets.

Our work
starts the moment
you contact us!

Our mission is to build on our reputation as a quality supplier
of parts and services to Australian manufacturers.

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NEIS has a network of experts in specialised areas to offer advice to the customer on brand names such as, Kipp, Sutton Cutting Tools, St Gobain Abrasives, Sidchrome, Deb Skincare, Hobson Fasteners and Unbrako Socket Screw Products.

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