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Eye bolts are fastening elements with hole in the head. The hole in the head is called an eye and gives the bolt its name. The DIN 444 eye bolt should not be confused with a ring bolt, the eye bolt has a longer thread and the ring bolt a larger eyelet.

Applications for the two differ significantly. The eye bolt is mainly used for fastening objects such as wire cables, hooks, pins and shackles. A practical application example would be on a turnbuckle with locknut and a threaded rod.

These elements are used to tension and clamp cable or wire constructions. The high strength eye bolts allow them to be used to secure loads or to fixate a position. Eye bolts are often fastened with wing nuts allowing the screw to be tightened and loosened quickly. Due to the wide range of applications, the DIN 444 eye bolt is an important structural element in machine construction. The relatively long thread enables easy mounting at the desired location.

KIPP eye bolts are available in steel or stainless steel versions .


Steel, grade 8.8 or stainless steel.


Steel black oxidised.
Stainless steel bright.

Please see PDF Datasheet for measurements relating to this product.

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