Proud Association with Sutton Tools

Proud Association Spanning 35 Years with the Sutton Tools

Sutton Tools – Cutting, Drilling & Threading Tools


In 1917, William Henry Sutton, a renowned British engineer, who migrated to Australia five years earlier, established Sutton Tools and Gauge Manufacturing Co. in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Though Sutton Tool and Gauge Manufacturing Co. has since expanded into company with global reach, the family tradition of William Sutton’s humble business is kept alive today by third and fourth generation Sutton family members who oversee each detail of its operations.
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Skin Care Products by NEIS

What’s all the Fuss About Skin Care & Hand Soap Products in the Workplace?

Now, you might be asking yourself ‘what’s all the fuss about skincare in workplace’? After all, it’s a fair question!

Why indeed?

There are a number of important reasons to implement an effective skin care regime, complimented by a range of skin products.

Skin is the most exposed organ of the human body, which means it can be difficult to contain their outbreak. Poor skin care practices can lead to the outbreak of, or exacerbate pre-existing, communicable skin conditions. Therefore, regardless of your professional industry, it is critical to implement easy and effective skin care and hygiene products and practices.

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KIPP Operating Parts Supplier

NEIS: Leading Quality KIPP Operating Parts & Standard Elements Supplier in Australia

Are you looking for KIPP Clamping Levers, Ball Lock Pins, Engineers Shaft Collars, Spring Plungers, Ball Locking Bolts, Toggle Clamps, Rubber Buffers, Star Grip Handles or any of the impressive range of Kipp products for your manufacturing project?

If yes, North East Industrial Supplies (NEIS) is here to for you. We are a leading distributor of quality tools and operating parts from trusted brands such as KIPP, Sutton Tools, Hobson Fasteners, St. Gobain Abrasives, Deb Skincare, Sidchrome, and Unbrako.
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Industrial Hardware Supplier

NEIS: Leading Industrial Hardware Supplier

Our Story:

At, North East Industrial Supplies, quality is not just an act; it is a habit. When we started out as a distributor to the manufacturing sector 40 years ago, we were nothing more than a small industrial supplier but our sheer dedication, strong work ethics and quality customer service made us what we are today – a major associate for top companies in Australia and across the world. We completely value the tool performance, long-life, and quality of Australian manufacturing therefore, we supply the most iconic and trusted hardware components to designers, manufacturers, engineers, tradies, retailers and those who want to fulfill quality production results.

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