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Horizontal With Flat Foot And Adjustable Clamping Spindle

Toggle clamps generate the maximum clamping or
exerting force when the three pivots are in a straight
line (dead centre position).
A clamp is locked by moving one pivot beyond the
dead centre position. The end position over dead centre
is carefully chosen to retain the maximum clamping
force while preventing inadvertent opening of the
clamp due to vibration or varying loading.
The force-multiplying characteristics of the toggle
joint mechanism put in practice in straight line action
clamps can be used to carry out work such as light
piercing, drilling, forming, bonding, jointing, riveting,
welding and locking.

Clamping spindle and nuts phosphated.
Stainless steel bright.
Plastic handle oil-resistant.


Steel or stainless steel


Galvanized and chromed.

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