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Are you looking for KIPP Clamping Levers, Ball Lock Pins, Engineers Shaft Collars, Spring Plungers, Ball Locking Bolts, Toggle Clamps, Rubber Buffers, Star Grip Handles, Knurled Fasteners or any of the impressive range of Kipp products for your manufacturing project?

If yes, North East Industrial Supplies (NEIS) is here to for you. We are a leading distributor of quality industrial hardware, precision tools and operating parts from trusted brands such as KIPP, Sutton Tools, Hobson Fasteners, St. Gobain Abrasives, Deb Stoko Skincare, Stanley /Sidchrome Handtools, and Unbrako Fasteners

Kipp operating Parts: High Accuracy & Guaranteed Performance
KIPP products are renown for being the most reliable in the manufacturing industry that operate unfailingly. The range of KIPP products consists of more than 30,000 items. From operating parts to the clamping technology, the Kipp operating Parts & Standard Elements range offers high accuracy and guaranteed performance in every application.
NEIS long established & trusted supplier of high quality KIPP operating parts and standard elements to professionals in the manufacturing domain in Australia from Design to Production we’re able to provide the iconic Kipp brand according to your requirements.
When it comes to quality and reliability, KIPP is the name to trust in the Australian market. Over many years, it has emerged as an iconic brand known in the manufacturing sector for its durable and efficient standard elements which are generally used in the Manufacturing sector mainly in the areas of aerospace, mining, food & wine processing, electronics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and many other similar facilities.
At NEIS, we are your local suppliers of KIPP operating parts and products who are proudly assisting the professionals in the domain of research, design, development, and production of quality manufactured items.  Our company has been supplying a wide range of top-notch KIPP branded tools and products to the Australian market for over 2 decades.
We offer the extensive catalogue of KIPP operating parts and standard elements including but not limited to Buffer Elements, Clamping Levers, Cam Levers, Tension Levers, Star Grips, Ball Knobs, Knurled Nuts & Screws, Indexing Plungers, Spring Plungers, Ball Lock Pins, Threaded Inserts and Toggle Clamps.  The impressive catalogue of KIPP products available for your manufacturing needs, from NEIS.

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