Unbrako. The Original – Engineered for Engineers

Since its establishment in 1903, Unbrako has since earned a global reputation for quality and performance in fastener and bolted joint technologies. Attributed with the invention of the famous Internal Hexagon Socket Screw in 1911, Unbrako has been at the forefront of this industry ever since. Unbrako is largest manufacturer of Precision Mechanical Fasteners globally and prides itself on its superior quality products and technological innovation. Boasting the widest range of standard fasteners in the world, Unbrako will even design and develop fasteners to suit specific requirements to all applications.

Crucially, Unbrako is involved in every step of quality control at its carefully selected specialist steel providers, which ensures that Unbrako not only oversees buts controls the entire production process of its trademark high-grade alloy steels. Unbrako’s control from the original steel melt to the final finished product delivers a consistently superior product, ensuring ultimate superior fastener products to each and every customer time and time again.

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