Clamping levers are made for the manual adjustments for fixation and clamping tasks. These clamp levers are perfect for applications that require swift fixation. This group of tools boasts a large variety of materials, colours and designs. They can be considered classic elements in a hardware workspace, and are often used for machine construction, tool making and plant construction.

Wide Variety of Kipp Clamping Levers

They are normally utilised in the mechanical engineering field in order to clamp machinery parts or equipment. They are also used as operating elements for the construction of plants. In the medical, rehab and furniture industries, for instance, their use normally revolves around the clamping of different components.

NEIS provides a wide variety of Kipp Clamping Levers. These high quality levers with internal and external thread options are certain to suit most hardware needs. However, if you have any questions then feel free to contact us so that we can guide you.

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