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The KIPP Star Grip can be used for a range of manual fastening or clamping operations; such as on machines or in unit assembly. The KIPP Star Hand Grip, also known as the Star Hand Wheel is made from highest quality thermoplastic material, available with internal and external threads in a range of grip-sizes. The KIPP Star Grip range is also available in stainless steel thread (K0154) with thread sizing ranging from 4 mm to 16 mm in diameter, grip size 25mm – 63mm.  The KIPP Star Grip is available in a variety of “cap” colours or designs, such as a company logo, upon request.

Star grips with external thread, Form L  -K0155

D1 = Grip Size

Black thermoplastic, threaded bolt in steel galvanized and blue chromed.

Δ Add the desired cap colour here. No colour code is required for black caps.

On request:
Other colours or designs, such as company logo.

Available Options: