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K0398 – Threaded inserts

KIPP Threaded Inserts K0398,  K0399 = Reinforced 

The KIPP Threaded Reinforced Inserts are the perfect product range for damaged threaded hole applications. The reinforced threaded inserts are quick and easy to install, and enable damaged, torn or jammed threaded holes to be re-used or repaired. Requiring only the assembly tool for applications, the KIPP reinforced threaded inserts save you both time and money that would otherwise be wasted on expensive products that you can now recover. Available in both steel and stainless steel options, KIPP threaded reinforced inserts are a must have.

Material: Threaded insert in steel or stainless steel.
Version: Passivated.
Threaded inserts allow threaded holes which have been damaged, torn out or jammed to be used again or to be repaired. This makes it possible to recover scrap and rejects of expensive products.
Threaded inserts are suitable for use in various materials, including light metals and casting. Inserts with internal threads larger than M6 are supplied with four locking pins instead of two. Permissible deviations:
The medium tolerance class applies to the threads listed, i.e. 6H for nut threads and 6g for bolt threads. Other dimensions ±0.25 mm.

Technical information see operating instructions for threaded inserts.
– Quick and easy installation.
– The insert is fixed with pins in order to prevent torsion due to twisting or vibrations.
– No other special tools are required besides the assembly tool.

Available Options: