Shaft Collar 2 Piece Steel K0612

KIPP Shaft Collars K0612

The KIPP K0612 two-piece shaft collars also known as locking rings, engineers’ collars, are easy to install and provide additional versatility and convenience in application. Thanks to superior holding power offered by dual clamping forces, the KIPP two-piece shaft collars offer precise and straining retaining force and does not damage the shaft. The two-piece product is easy to mount and disassemble, crucially, without major disassembly of other components.

Locking Rings 2 Part  Material:  Steel 1.0718

Note: Two-piece shaft collars surround the shaft with a uniformly distributed clamping force.  This leads to a dimensionally precise fit and very high retaining forces without damaging the shaft.

The shaft tolerance should lie within h11.

Two-piece shaft collars can be quickly and easily mounted or removed without dismantling other components. Temperature range:-40 °C to +175 °C.

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