Unbrako’s Socket Head Shoulder Screws, also known as Shoulder Bolts or Stripper Bolts, are as multifunctional as they are durable. Unbrako Shoulder Screws can be for a wide variety of applications – as shafts, pivots holding pulleys, gears, cams and cam followers amongst many further functions.

High Quality Unbrako Products Supplies in Australia

Owing to the durability and superior quality of Unbrako products, the Shoulder Screws are especially advantageous for applications in which the fastened component is regularly removed. The highest grade alloy steel, paired with knurled head technology for greater grip, ensures that assembly and disassembly is a quick and stress-free exercise.

Moreover, the precision hexagon socket allows maximum wrench engagement to ensure greater screw tightening. A final testament to this product’s superior quality is the precision tolerance on the shoulder of Unbrako’s Socket Head Shoulder Screw, which, incredibly is closer than international standards recommend, which offers a closer and more accurate mating between fastened components. Unfailing quality product.


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