KIPP Ball Lock Pins K0363

The KIPP Ball Locking Bolt is an easy-to-use tool, which joins separate work parts or workpieces together. The grip is made from advanced thermoplastic technology, while the locking bolts are made from stainless steel. Also known as, the Quick Release Ball-Lock Pin, or simply a Ball Lock Pin the KIPP Ball Locking Bolt is available in sizes ranging from 5 mm to 16 mm (D1) pin diameter in a variety of lengths.

***please see attached Datasheet for chart measurement reference***

The KIPP Ball Locking Bolt is also available in stainless steel (K0364).


Material: Grip and push button thermoplastic.
Metal parts stainless steel.

Version: Grip black.
Push button traffic red.
Steel parts bright. 

Note: Ball lock pins are used for quick and easy fastening and joining of parts and workpieces.
The two balls are disengaged by pressing the push button and the pin can be slipped into holes in the workpieces. Release the button to lock the balls and secure the connection.
Form A is suitable for applications where high demands and precision are required.

Shearing force double shear (F) = S · τ aB max.Features:

Form A:  Pin ground, metal collar, high axial pull-out force
Form B:  Pin h9, plastic collar, low axial pull-out force

Accessory: Safety spiral cable K0367.10200
Retaining cable with loop K0367. …..
Key ring K0367.15/19/23
Bushing for ball lock pins K0724….
Drawing reference:

1) Metal collar
2) Plastic collar

Available Options: